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Summer Camps in Seattle & Bellevue (Ages 11-18)

3D Design, Modeling & Printing

We bring you a week-long, fully immersive and interactive summer bootcamp on Computer-Aided Design, 3D modeling and printing. By the end of the camp, not only will you have a solid understanding of many advanced science and technology concepts related to model making and 3D printing, but you will also be making some cool toys, statues, prototypes, functional parts, ornaments and art forms. Come and experience the thrill of imagining a object in your head, and, 30 minutes later, holding that object in your hand!

We will learn to design our own 3D models from scratch and learn to use software programs such as Google Sketchup, OpenSCAD, 2BOT Studio, etc. We will also download models from 3D model community sites and make them on model makers and 3D printers that will be available for use in the camp.
Now there are 3D printers that you can build yourself from a kit, or even make one from parts using designs and information that is available on the internet. We will be using one of these printers in the camp, and also a professional desktop machine called ModelMaker. With these devices we will be able to demonstrate the concepts of 3D Printing, how the technology is being used in architecture, art, design, medicine, science, mapping, and manufacturing, and give every student things to take home to start their collection.
The camps are specifically designed to be interesting and engaging to beginning-level students ages 11 to 18, but if you already have experience with this technology, here's a chance to learn from experts while sharing your experience with other campmates.
Most importantly. these camps are designed to make learning engaging, fun and fulfilling. We will work individually as well as in groups, play games, have contests, make presentations and make new friends. In other words, have a blast!

Camp Details


Ages 11 through 18.


Aug 13 - 17 2012, 9.00 AM to 3.30 PM

at Roosevelt High School   Map

1410 NE 66th Street

Seattle, WA 98115


Aug 20 - 24 2012, 9.00 AM to 3.30 PM

at StudentRND   Map

1405 132nd Avenue NE, Suite 3

Bellevue, WA 98005


$300.00 per camp if registered and paid before Aug 01 2012, $350 thereafter.

Refund Policy: We will refund all but $50 of the fee up to 1 week before the camp session starts.


All materials required for camp will be provided, including laptops (one per group).

Please bring sack lunch.


Contact us at 206-963-1841 or send email to


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